Is it now time to start day drinking?

Squanchy photo Courtesy of Rick & Morty

It is no question that the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the various lockdown and shelter-in-place type regulations. As we hopefully get more data and control on how to reopen society, people are clamoring to get back out to eat. I am guilty of the same. Recently I met up with an old co worker to have a socially distanced lunch in a full service setting.

Prior to this meal, I have been noticing a lot of day drinking, while I try to support the local mom and pop shops in my area. With many folks working from home and dining out more during the lunch hours, I have noticed a slew of folks boozing it up, and in one instance, EVERYONE around me was hitting the sauce. When my friend and I are seated, our server show us the wine list and everything is half off. Now my alcoholic consumption has gone down considerably during these time, but even I couldn’t pass that deal. So we got a bottle of something to enjoy for the nice sunny day.

The sun is out, and perhaps something celebratory for being able to dine out and still have our health? The restaurant had a very Italian bent to their wine selection and I was actually surprised by what they offered. So we ended up with a Moscato D’Asti from Paolo Saracco. Sidebar: I remember a story of when the house of Cristal, Roederer, were asked about how the Hip Hop community loved their product, they seemed indifferent. So said community started to shift their focus on Moscato D’Asti. I have never heard of the explanation why that was, but was amused by that development. It is after all, a delicious and very affordable product, with the same celebratory effervescence that champagne gives.

As much as I love the Hip Hop story, it is not the reason I selected the bottle I did. I’ve always known it to be an underrated, great price/performance value but It was from a producer I knew nothing about and was curious. It’s also just not that common on restaurant menus where I dine. What a discovery it was. It came out as a nice slight golden greenish liquid in the glass, almost Riesling like in appearance. Light, effervescent, and just enough residual sugar to be well balanced. Maybe a little citrus and stone fruit? It went easily with our meal and easily could be had on it’s own. In fact I could have had that all day. Regardless of my subjective tasting notes, it was delicious! Kept cold in a champagne style wine cooler on our table, we were looking like Hip Hop ballers, despite the very affordable price!

Now I know why people are imbibing hard, mid day, while the sun is still shining. You have to take advantages in opportunities like these, because who knows what the future of dining may be as the weather turns away from autumn to winter. It is a chance to treat yourself and also to help your local restaurants as we know that the margins are quite slim, and beverages very much keep hospitality paying the bills. I am definitely looking forward to the next great discovery and continue this practice of day drinking for sure.