One door closes…

At Vinotrove we love wine! We love drinking it, discovering new varietals and learning about the places from which it comes. We developed a website and app to help us (and we hoped others) do just this. While we loved the app, it proved more difficult than originally thought to keep up with the deluge of new wines brought to market daily and were never able to get it to where we really thought it could go. Ad so…

We will be shutting down the main website and app in early June

But Vinotrove is not going away! We will be transitioning over to a more media-centric company with an emphasis on wine destination travel videos. This blog will become the main website and please check in often for updates about what we are up to. Our primary outlet will, however, be on our YouTube channel. The plan is to upload videos weekly, focusing on travel to wine regions around the world.

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We hope you will join us for this next leg in our journey and come along with us as we travel to bring you the best wine destinations in the world.

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